E Cigarettes And Nicotine

Nicotine is that ingredient in tobacco that causes smokers to become addicted to smoking cigarettes. Part of the appeal of e cigarettes is that the e juice you use to smoke does not have to contain nicotine, making it non addictive.

On the other hand, many smokers want their e juice to contain nicotine since they are already addicted and want a less harmful way of getting their fix. Contrary to popular belief, the nicotine itself isn’t the harmful substance that causes smokers to become unhealthy. It’s all the other toxic chemicals in tobacco that causes this. So by eliminating those harmful substances and keeping the nicotine, smokers have a way to satisfy their cravings without putting their health in as much danger as cigarettes would.

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Have no fear for nicotine; keep in mind the tar along with other carcinogenic compounds that build up over years of inhaling cigarettes. A little nicotine (or a lot) is more than justified in e juice and it won’t make you any more addicted than you already are.  It will be difficult to completely stop smoking at first mostly due to habit, but by slowly switching over to e cigarettes over a month or two it will be easy and later on you’ll find that you don’t even miss your cigarettes at all. Some smokers find that their dependency on nicotine becomes weaker and weaker as time goes on and they’re able to smoke e juice that doesn’t contain any nicotine at all with the same results. This goes to show that a big part of an addiction is purely habitual and if you still smoke your e cigarette each day you’ll get the same satisfaction as you would have from smoking a cigarette