Q48 is quick, fast, at home, and delivers results


And here is how, guys and girls. That is if you want to get supremely fit in next to no time and keep up those fitness levels for good. This innovative Q48 exercise program is also ideal for those of you who just don’t seem to have enough spare time over in your days for necessary and regular exercise. The beauty of this exercise product is that you only need to utilize it three times a week. And if you are concerned about all those other days of the week, wondering if this is going to be enough, worry no further.

All three workouts are deliberately designed as high intensity workouts that only need to be carried out at home. The general purpose behind implementing short high intensity workouts is well known by now, but just so you know for certain, it is purposely designed to speed up your metabolism levels over a short period of time and place your body in a position to continue burning off calories over the remaining days of the week, forty eight hours, two days, after your last intense workout, to be precise.

The Q48 is an in home exercise program designed for you. It makes no provision for dieting and extended time at the gym, positively speaking. It is a radically short exercise program as we have mentioned and it is believed that results you would normally achieve after spending a year at the gym can be achieved over a period of just eight weeks. What happens during these quick-paced exercise routines is that your metabolism is speeded up and your body is able to burn away excess calories within a shorter period of time.